COVID-19: How we are protecting those at the heart of our program

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COVID-19: How we are protecting those at the heart of our program

The COVID-19 pandemic is an incredibly serious health challenge that puts some of the world’s most vulnerable people at risk – a group that includes the cocoa farmers registered in our Cocoa Life program and their communities. The health and wellbeing of these communities, our employees, and our partners is our utmost priority at Mondelēz International and Cocoa Life, as we seek to provide an uninterrupted supply of sustainably sourced cocoa for our brands.


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    At a corporate level, Mondelēz International has made a $15 million global commitment to support relief efforts around the world in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Through this, funds will be distributed to trusted Cocoa Life partner, Save the Children. You can read more here.

    But most crucially for us, we are working in our Cocoa Life countries to provide localized response efforts, in line with the need on the ground. Cocoa Life works hand-in-hand with the men and women who make their living from cocoa. That means we already have strong support networks in cocoa communities. We’re able to see, first-hand, the reality of the situation in our six cocoa origin countries: Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, India and Brazil. We understand that the current landscape in each of these countries is distinct in its own way, meaning that tailoring our interventions is more important now than ever before.

    Building resilience through education in Ghana

    Yaa Peprah Amekudzi, Head of Cocoa Life Ghana, Mondelēz International

    “In Ghana, this means working with Child Rights International to build resilience and capacity to manage the virus within our communities. Doing so involves educating community members on protecting themselves and their communities from the virus, providing books for children to keep minds active, and distributing Veronica buckets – an innovative sanitation product that originated in Ghana – to public areas. Soaps made by women’s groups that are part of our Cocoa Life program are providing vital sanitation across districts, while also creating an additional source of income for cocoa farming households.“

    Covid 19 Prevention

    “Women’s groups in a number of Cocoa Life districts are also stitching together face masks, which have been made to meet health standards, using Cocoa Life cloth. This is a great example of how skills that were developed as part of women’s empowerment efforts through our program prior to COVID-19 are able to make a difference.”

    Covid 19 face masks in Ghana

    Phasing our approaches in Côte d'Ivoire

    Mbalo Ndiaye, Head of Cocoa Life Côte d'Ivoire, Mondelēz International

    “In Côte d'Ivoire, we are moving quickly with short-term responses, while also planning for potential longer-term impact. In the immediate, we are working alongside NGO partners, CARE and Solidaridad, to provide communities with hygiene and protection kits, that align with recommendations from the Ministry of Health. We are also working to implement awareness campaigns using posters and local radio spots.”

    Copaths-14 Buckets

    Partnering to train and distribute in Indonesia

    Andi Sitti Asmayanti, Head of Cocoa Life Indonesia, Mondelēz International

    “In Indonesia, we are working with Wahana Visi Indonesia and Save the Children to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in Cocoa Life communities. Through both partners, we are distributing hygiene kits, hand washing stations, facemasks, food and other essential products. We know that knowledge is one of the best prevention methods, so we are supporting the dissemination and use of child-friendly and farmer-friendly virus-related training materials as well as improving local government capacity through online “training of trainers”, to raise awareness in local communities.”

    Hand washing facilities

    Hand washing facilities are located in key village hubs to ensure easy access for community members

    Cathy Pieters, Global Director Cocoa Life, summarized the approach:

    “At Cocoa Life, we have a responsibility to the farmers and communities in our program. Our commitment to supporting these communities through this time stands strong, and being guided by local needs helps us to address the root causes of the challenges within each origin country. But, first and foremost, our priority is our people: their health, their livelihoods and their human rights.”

    Learn more about Mondelez International’s local initiatives and local recipients of financial and in-kind support around the world here.

    Note: This is a live statement that will be continually updated to reflect our latest progress and information. It was last updated on 30th April 2020.